Twisters damage homes in 5 states


WICHITA (April 7,1999) -- Storms produced tornadoes in five states on

Monday (April 5), causing scattered damage and minor injuries.

Twisters touched down in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma in

the mid-morning and afternoon hours and remained mainly in rural, isolated


The one exception occurred in Wichita, when a weak tornado accompanied

a powerful downburst damaged some 21 buildings, including 17 homes, on the

city's northeast side. The 7:33 a.m. storm spread its damage over a

mile-long path to include a temporary classroom trailer at Jefferson

Elementary School and a strip mall.

"It's not indicative of a large storm," Randall C. Duncan, director of

Sedgwick County Emergency Management office, said of the damage.

About seven hours later and 150 miles to the northeast, a tornado damaged

three homes in Nemaha County near Centralia, Kan. Twisters also were

reported in adjacent Brown County, but it caused no significant damage.

Three small towns in southeastern Nebraska reported at tornado damage about

2:30 p.m. Reports indicate one mobile home and several farm buildings

destroyed and power outages throughout the Richardson County communities of

Salem, Shubert and Verdon.

An afternoon twister in Taylor County, Iowa, caused more than $100,000

damage to farm buildings. At least two tornadoes were reported around 4 p.m.

in southwest Iowa.

At least four homes sustained damage around 6 p.m. in Cave City in north

central Arkansas when a tornado struck there. The same storm system spawned

a twister that tore off roofs and downed power lines around in nearby


Earlier on Monday, a pre-dawn tornado touched down in Alfalfa and Woods

counties in northern Oklahoma. No damage was reported.

Several communities in Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri reported power

outages and property damage due to strong winds associated with


The overall damage from Monday's storms did not approach last weekend's

devastation in Louisiana, where six people died and more than 100 were

injured when a powerful tornado blasted through the state's near Shreveport.

Posted April 7, 1999

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