Bitter cold forecast for Northeast

Northeast to experience coldest temperatures in two decades

February 13, 2015

Meteorologist have warned the temperatures in the northeastern United States this weekend will be the lowest in two decades.

The dangerously bitter conditions are expected to come on the back of yet another winter storm bringing more snow, ice, and high winds across the Northeast beginning Saturday.

While the effects of Winter Storm Marcus still miring the Northeast in troubles, yet another storm large enough to be named is forecast to bear down on the region.

Winter Storm Marcus buried the new England states in over six feet of snow in the last 17 days along, snarling traffic, grounding air traffic, and shuttering schools. But now, a new storm is on its way.

Winter Storm Neptune has already been forecast to bring blizzard conditions to parts of New England. The warning area stretches “from Cape cod in southeast Massachusetts through the Boston area, the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, and the entire coast of Maine as well as areas as far inland as Bangor,” says.

Wind chill warnings and advisories have been posted as far south as Washington, D.C. with wind chill forecasts of zero degrees predicted for Washington, and of 15 to 30 degrees below zero for New York City, which is expecting temperatures below 10 degrees on Monday.

“Stepping outside, it well be quite a shock to the system,” Palmer warned.” A lot of people will have never experienced cold that bad, especially in an urban heat island like New York City.”

The blast of cold air will be riding on the back of a weekend storm expected to impact from Maine to Philadelphia and as far west as the Great Lakes and Ohio.

The cold will start to creep in early Friday, according to The Weather Channel, and the mercury is expected to plummet until it hits the low single digits in New York City early on Monday. With the wind chill forecast between -15F and -30 F, it is set to be one of the coldest air masses we have seen in the Northeast in 20 years, according to Weather Channel senior meteorologist Michal Palmer.

Meanwhile, Chicago is expecting severe cold to descend during the coming weekend. Some fear it may bring the coldest weekend of the year. Despite the coming deep freeze, though, forecasters are not predicting any snow for the Windy City.

Other parts of the Midwest are also expecting subzero temperatures over Valentine’s Day weekend.

Weather watchers say this new storm will last from Friday through Sunday night.

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