Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts

4,000 residents evacuated as a precaution

April 22, 2014

Peruvian authorities have ordered the preventative evacuation of 4,000 people living near the Ubinas volcano, which has been spouting ash clouds up to 2 miles high.

Ubinas lies some 470 miles southeast of Peru’s capital, Lima.

Ubinas , which has been one of Peru’s most active volcanoes, erupted on April 15th releasing a cloud of ash. An evacuation was ordered in Querapi near the volcano to avoid the falling ash. The latest report by Peru’s Institute of Geophysics recommends that the alert level be raised to orange as the situation could possibly elevate to dangerous proportions.

Regional governments in the south of Peru, as well as several local municipalities, have declared a state of emergency, prompting the evacuation of more than 4,000 citizens, as the country’s 18,70 foot tall Ubinas volcano continues to erupt.

Juan Benites, the agriculture minister, said that it will take approximately three days to more the residents of two southern districts to safety. According to the Andina state news agency, these residents will also be accompanied by nearly 30,000 horses, sheep and cows along with other animals. The entire population of alpacas, llamas and vicuna, which constiture the main source of income for the resident area, might also be under threat.

Jose Machare, of the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics, told BBC news that the chance of this latest development evolving into an :unusual eruption that could be very big” was still low.

The 18,609 foot Ubinas is Peru’s most active volcano. It’s most recent strong eruption period occurred from 2006 to 2009.

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