Storm debris cleanup gets help

FEMA funded crews sweep Little Rock, AK

February 18, 2013

Up to 16 tons of debris remain in Little Rock, Arkansas from a powerful winter storm that occurred on Christmas Day, 2012. Despite almost 3,500 trips to the landfill, Little Rock Public Works reports the loads have only reduced the debris by a third.

The city of Little Rock contracted Ceres Environmental to assist in the cleaning of debris. FEMA funding will cover 75 percent of the estimated million dollars for the cleanup. The state and the city will split the rest.

"Our equipment does not have the right capacity to be able to haul it. We've been working 110 people 6 to 10 hour days," said Eric Petty, Little Rock Public Works Operations Manager.

“Little Rock residents will quickly see a demonstrable increase in the amount of storm debris being picked up daily,” said city Manager Bruce Moore. “The contract with Ceres is for 160 days; however, we expect them to finish before then.”


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