700,000 lose power to storm

Massive snow storm leaves death, destruction in its path

February 9, 2013

700,000 lose power to storm

Massive snow storm leaves death, destruction in its path

A record-breaking storm in the Northeast has left 700,000 without power, and killed at least four people. The storm has had Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts in its grip with snowfall rates up to six

inches per hour. Nearly 25 million people are affected.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Maloy has declared a state of emergency and closed all the roads in the state. Milford, CT has received 38 inches already. “Even snowplows are getting stuck” Stratford, CT Mayor John Harkins told local WTNH television.

Hundreds of cars have been stranded on the Long Island Expressway.

Snowy road conditions lead to a 19-car-pile-up in Cumberland, ME.

High winds associated with the storm, some reaching hurricane force,

whipped up high waves. Coastal flood warnings have been in affect for parts of the coastline. U.S. 1A in Massachusetts was closed due to

debris washed ashore.

CNN reported the U.S. Postal service suspended service in seven states.

At least 5,000 flights in 60 airports throughout the region have been

cancelled. Amtrak crews have been working continuously and some service has been restored to the Northeast Corridor.

“It’s not that this storm is so unbelievably intense from a pressure

standpoint—it’s just sopping wet,” said Andrew Freedman, a senior writer at Climate Central. “The moisture content of this storm and the amount of liquid it’s going to produce is amazing.”

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