Heavy snow falls in ND and MN

6 inches of snow for central northern U. S.

MINNEAPOLIS | October 4, 2012

Heavy snow fell in the central northern regions of the United States Thursday, with forecasters expecting more than half a foot in some locations.

Winds topping 40 mph were whipping moderate to heavy snow into drifts across the region from northeastern North Dakota to northwestern Minnesota, Accuweather.com reported.

By mid-morning, Carrington, N.D., had received 2 inches of the white stuff, while Argyle, Minn., measured 2.2 inches. Earlier, Lankin, N.D., reported it had received between 2.5 and 3 inches of the frozen precipitation.

The heaviest snow was in a band stretching from North Dakota north of Fargo through Grand Forks to Karlstad, Minn., said meteorologist Henry Margusity. Snow along that line was falling at a rate of a half inch to an inch an hour.

Heavy snow was falling from Crookston, Minn., to Roseau, Minn., by 11 a.m. Eastern time, causing visibility to fall to as low as a quarter of a mile.

The snow reached Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In Grand Forks, the weight of 3.5 inches of snow caused a tree to snap and several branches to fall.

Many trees in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota still bear leaves.

Before moving into the Dakotas and Minnesota, the storm dumped 2.3 inches of snow on Billings, Mont., Wednesday, setting a record for snowfall on that date.

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