Fires shroud Pacific Northwest

Multiple wildfires affected air quality

YAKIMA | September 13, 2012

Multiple wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are blanketing the sky with smoke and creating poor air quality in places, authorities said.

The Washington state Department of Ecology said much of the central and eastern portions of the state are affected by the Pole Creek wildfire, which has scorched 4,600 acres and is just 5 percent contained, the (Portland) Oregonian reported. Those with heart and lung problems are being urged to stay indoors whenever possible.

Other wildfires in the area include:

-- The Cache Creek fire, which has burned 73,000 acres since Aug. 20 and is about 90 percent contained.

-- The Waterfalls 2 fire, which has burned 12,300 acres since Aug. 4 and is about 90 percent contained.

-- The Parish Cabin fire, which has burned 6,500 acres and is about 97 percent contained.

-- The Barker Canyon complex fire, which has claimed 12 structures including three homes, and has burned 91,800 acres while only being 15 percent contained.

-- The Wenatchee complex fire, which has burned 25,000 acres and is about 8 percent contained.

-- And the Cascade Creek fire, which has burned 2,150 acres since Sunday and is uncontained.

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