1,000 volunteers help in Utah

Floods and mudslides damage homes near Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah | September 3, 2012

"I've never seen anything like it"

—Patti Robe

More than 1,000 volunteers helped residents of Saratoga Springs, Utah, clean their homes after strong storms during the weekend produced floods and mudslides.

Powerful storms Saturday sent sludge from a recent wildfire site and massive amounts of water flowing through the city, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Mayor Mia Love said 11 basements were filled with mud and another 20 homes were damaged by water.

Alan Rencher said he heard the water and mud heading toward his home and moments later he "had 6 inches of mud in my basement and I'm one of the lucky ones."

"I've never seen anything like it," said Patti Robe, who spent Sunday helping empty a basement filled with mud. "I can't believe one basement was completely full with mud and every [basement] window was shattered."

Many residents said they are worried whether their insurance will cover the damage, as most people living in Saratoga Springs don't have flood coverage, as their homes sit on a hill.

"I don't have flood insurance," said Rene Schuurman, whose home was not damaged. "I don't think anyone has it around here. Who would have ever thought there would have been flooding in this area?"

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