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Earthquake 'swarm' damages CA homes

Southern California residents rocked by more than 70 temblors damaging trailers, disrupting water


More than 70 earthquakes were reported in Southern California Sunday forcing some evacuations and water conservation warnings in Brawley. The largest earthquake so far was measured at a magnitude of 5.4.

The earthquakes are part of a "swarm" that seismic experts say are not uncommon around the San Andreas Fault. Most of Sunday's quakes were centered around Brawley, an Imperial County city of nearly 25,000 people.

Although most of the damage to buildings in the town has been cosmetic, according to emergency officials, about 70 residents of a trailer park near the local high school had to be evacuated when their homes were knocked off their foundations by the temblors.

Fire officials were also helping to move people from the Pioneers Memorial Hospital following power and water failures to the facility.

Maria Peinado, public information officer at the Imperial County Emergency Operation Center, recommended residents to stay indoors and suggested they conserve water in the wake of the earthquakes.

Thomas Jordan for the Southern California Earthquake Center told the Los Angeles Times the Imperial County temblors were all part of a "vigorous" swarm and predicted it could continue for several days. He also said he and his colleagues would study the latest outbreak. "We're always concerned where there is significant seismic activity because that means there is a higher probability of having more seismic activity," he added.

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