China rainstorm leaves 8 dead

843,000 people and 14,000 acres of farmland affected

NANNING, China | June 25, 2012

Eight people in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang area have been killed in rainstorms since Thursday, authorities said Monday.

The regional civil affairs bureau reported more than 843,000 people and 14,000 acres of farmland have been affected.

More than 2,300 houses have collapsed, 23,300 people have been relocated and direct economic losses are estimated to be about 310 million yuan, or $48.7 million, it said.

Torrential rains also affected east China's Jiangxi province, where 32,400 people were evacuated and 2,364 houses were toppled by floods, the provincial flood prevention and control headquarters said.

A landslide, caused by the rain, blocked roads and rivers and stranded tourists in the city of Chenzhou, the Xinhua news agency reported Monday, adding that additional rain is expected in the next three days.

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