Little letup seen for snow in NY, Canada


ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO (Jan. 15, 1999) -- Winter storms, enhanced by lake

effect snows, are bringing everything from out-of-town snow removal workers

to the military to communities near Buffalo and Toronto, where the weather

forecast appears to be stuck on falling flakes.

At least four deaths have been blamed on the seemingly, never-ending

blizzards that have broken century-old January snow records in much of

southern Ontario.

In St. Catharines, Ontario, snow this week broke a 115-year record for the

most snow during January. Prior to Thursday's new round of snowfall, nearly

38-inches of snow had fallen. Snow and sleet was predicted into the


More than 53 inches of snow has fallen in northern New York and in Buffalo,

where it has snowed all but one day of 1999. That's more than half of the

city's average snowfall of 93 inches, and snow is predicted for Thursday

and Friday. The National Guard and prison inmates helped city workers clear


The snow has been blamed for the collapse sections of roofs on several

buildings, but no serious injuries were reported in the Buffalo area.

Toronto officials are pleading with workers to stay home as it is employing

a workforce of 1,800 people and 800 vehicles to clear city streets. City

media relations officer Steve Johnston said the biggest problem so far is

where to put the more than 30 inches that has fallen since Jan. 2.

Four other Canadian cities are sending snow removal equipment and workers

to Toronto and 438 military personnel from nearby Canadian Forces Base

Petawawa have joined snow removal and crowd control efforts.

Getting around Toronto is difficult at best, noted Johnston, adding that

cars parked on city streets hamper the plows' efforts.

Public transit officials urged commuters to stay home because service is

unreliable at present, and Pearson International Airport canceled most

flights on Thursday.

Other parts of the United States also are trapped in winter's grasp. Snow

fell from Ohio through New York on Thursday while freezing rain slickened

highways from Indiana through the Mid-Atlantic states.

North central Illinois, including Chicago, will receive federal funding for

snow removal after the Federal Emergency Management Agency made a Snow

Emergency Declaration in 34 counties earlier this month. Indiana is asking

the federal government for similar financial help.

Allagash, Maine, located near the Canadian border, recorded an actual

temperature of 55 degrees below zero on Thursday, a new statewide record

low. Cities in northern New Hampshire reported temperatures approaching

minus 40.

In Detroit, postal employees asked people to meet mail trucks in the street

to get their mail. More than 24-inches of snow has accumulated since Jan. 2

-- the most on the ground at one time in that city in more than 100 years.

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