Flood warnings continue in WA

Snowslides, mudslides and flood warnings, complicate lives in Northwestern US

April 1, 2011

Clearing Cayuse and its sister pass, Chinook is a weeks-long effort every spring. Crews encounter snow depths ranging from 14 to 20 feet and plenty of snowslides like this one. This slide Friday was on SR 410 just off the Sunrise turnoff.
Credit: Washington State Dept of Transportation

Although the heavy rain has stopped, residents in the Snoqualmie, Snohomish and Green River valleys are continuing the watch rising rivers. The National Weather Service said Friday that flood warnings would remain in effect for both the Snoqualmie and Snohomish Rivers until at least Saturday night.

A flood watch has been posted for the Green River through Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, winter dangers are still hanging on in the mountains. Snowslides and avalanches closed a number of mountain passes again this week. On Thursday, an avalanche nearly buried a snow blower sent to clear out feet of snow.

Another snowstorm is predicted to cover the mountains this weekend.

Mudslides are also covering roads in the state according to the Washington State Dept of Transportation.

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