CA mudslide threat force hundreds out

Wet weather predicted could cause devastate more homes

BY K | LOS ANGELES | February 9, 2010

Hundreds of Los Angeles County residents fled their homes Tuesday following a mandatory evacuation order for more than 540 houses, as forecasters predicted more rain for the already saturated foothills.


Frederic Stowers, Los Angeles County Fire Department inspector said as of Tuesday afternoon no mudslides had occurred, but that crews made up of employees from the fire department and Los Angeles County Public Works are prepared with heavy equipment to move debris and sand bags to control flooding. Stowers said that although “they’re never expecting damage, there’s a chance it could happen.”


Last weekend, parts of Los Angeles County got enough rain to cause mudslides. More than 40 homes were damaged in the city of La Caņada Flintridge.


The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties, saying that areas recently burned by wildfires are particularly at risk. Thunderstorms are expected Tuesday and Wednesday, which forecasters said will dump rain in volumes heavy enough to cause flooding and mud and debris flows.

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