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Gunman opens fire at Chicago plant

BY SUSAN KIM | MELROSE PARK, IL | February 5, 2001

A gunman shot at least eight people at a diesel engine manufacturing plant in a Chicago suburb on Friday morning before turning the gun

on himself. The Cook County Sheriff's Office reported that at least four people, including the gunman, are dead and five injured.

The man fired shots in a testing area at the Navistar International Corp. The gunman is allegedly a former employee who was fired after

being accused of stealing engine parts.

He was allegedly armed with a semi-automatic weapon or shotgun, and possibly an additional pistol.

Some 1,400 workers fled the plant, which was sealed and evacuated.

"The company's concern is about the families," said Greg Brooke, Navistar spokesperson. The company has an employee assistance program

through which employees can receive trauma counseling, he said. Employees have already been notified that mental health services are


"In a case like this where the plant was evacuated very quickly in an emergency situation, there was a good deal of trauma. Our whole

organization will be focused on healing."

The plant, which sprawls over 1.5 million square feet, is located in Melrose Park, a Chicago suburb west of the city. It manufactures

mid-range diesel engines for International brand trucks and school buses.

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