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Rain brings some TX relief

Flash flooding reported in Texas and NJ


Rain in Texas Friday may not be the end to the severe drought over the past years, but it will bring some much-needed relief as temperatures remain in the 60's and 70's and heavy rainfall is expected through much of the state.

“We’re just getting a little bit of drought relief,” said Harvey Howell, president of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) in San Antonio. “More than anything, we need a good five inches and we need it to be slow and steady over a long period of time.”

Localized flash flooding and urban flooding are possible and some flooding has already began in San Antonio due to the four to six inches that have fallen, but no major river flooding is expected over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

“When we had the significant flooding events eight years ago, it was about this time of year and it was after an extended drought period, so it can come too much too fast,” said Howell. “Right now, we’re thankful to get it.”

Another low-pressure system has closed schools in Philadelphia due to flooding, and spurred tornado watches in New Jersey and some parts of Delaware. The system has brought more rain and heavy winds to New England states than both Hurricane Bill and Tropical Storm Danny did as they passed offshore a few weeks ago.

Extended thunderstorms over the past few days have saturated the ground and some low-lying fields have flooded in the agricultural town of Bixby, Oklahoma.

Officials for the city of Bixby are not aware of any extensive flooding or problems due to flooding so far, but residents have expressed runoff concerns.

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