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New winter storm threatens Mid-South

Heavy rains in California increases chances of floods and mudslides


The Mid-South region still cleaning up after ice storms in January is at risk for severe thunderstorms Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. A cold front is expected to move through the region on Tuesday. The National Weather Service expected thunderstorms to develop ahead of the front and along the front's boundary.

"We have the ingredients in place and enough moisture in the air and high wind sheer for some of these thunderstorms in the South tonight," said Jon Rizzo, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Rizzo said the chance of tornadoes is slight, but said there could be isolated tornadic activity in southeast Arkansas and North Mississippi on Tuesday night.

Large hail and damaging winds are expected with the storms.

As the system develops and the front moves eastward, Mid-Atlantic states can expect snow early and rainfall as temperatures rise on Wednesday.

"This is a big low pressure area," Rizzo said.

Weather across the rest of the U.S. is expected to be varied this week, with snow falling in the Sierra Mountains of California, rain coastal areas of the state and snow in the Rockies.

A system hanging over California dropped more than 3 inches of rain over the coastal region, heightening chances of flooding and mudslides. Skiers in Tahoe got a treat when deep snow fell there. Much of the season has been spent on mechanically created snow.

Snow is expected to fall from Nevada to Colorado on Wednesday as well. Another system of snow is also forecasted to enter the Great Lakes region and into the northeast by midweek.

By the weekend, high pressure is expected to take over much of the country.

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