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Quake shakes Garden State

Unusual earthquake rattles nerves in northern New Jersey.


An unusual magnitude-3.0 earthquake struck New Jersey late Tuesday night. The quake shook Morris County around 10:30 p.m.

The quake startled residents in the area, including a member of United Church of Christ Brookside Community Church who said “It was more of a rumbling sound. It wasn’t like my house shook. It was almost like a furnace coming on but stronger than that,” the member said.

She said her family was watching the news when they felt the rumble. She said she went to turn off the television and waited for the mild shake to stop.

This member has only experienced one other earthquake in her time in the Garden State. She said she felt the mild shake that time, too, and read about the quake the next day in the newspaper.

There has been no injury or damage reported from the small tremor. There is no fault line in New Jersey. Scientists said the quake was a result of the earth shifting.

Morris County is located about an hour's drive northwest of New York City.

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