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Unusual weather creates havoc

Floods, tornadoes -- even a small earthquake -- pummel the mid U.S.

BALTIMORE | January 9, 2008

Emergency officials, weather forecasters and even seismologists were busy in the Midwest Tuesday following unseasonably warm weather, unusually early tornadoes, heavy rain, flooding and even a small earthquake.

The flooding came on the heels of tornadoes that damaged or destroyed dozens of homes, mainly in largely rural communities, from Wisconsin to Missouri and Arkansas. And a Tuesday night earthquake northeast of Cleveland.

On Wednesday, as the storms swept east, high winds and heavy rain was reported in Pennsylvania and Upper New York State. A wind gust of 75 mph was clocked in Rochester, NY, Wednesday morning.

The combination of heavy rain and melting snow sent a number of rivers in Indiana and Illinois over their banks causing evacuations and other flood damage. According to emergency officials, residents of Monticello in White County, Indiana, were evacuated Tuesday night as rivers and streams continued to rise.

The Tippecanoe River was at major flood stage Tuesday night and emergency officials in White and Carroll County ordered a mandatory evacuation of residents downstream of the Norway Dam.

In central and southern Illinois, emergency officials are watching the rising rivers. A flood warning has been posted until Saturday for the Vermillion River in Pontiac.

Monday tornadoes in Wisconsin destroyed 26 homes and damaged 78 others according to the state's Emergency Management Agency. The damage was caused when two tornadoes touched down near the towns of Wheatland and Kenosha in Kenosha County. Tornadoes were also reported in Missouri and Arkansas.

A magnitude 3.1 earthquake was reported Tuesday night in Lake Erie about 21 northeast of Cleveland. Local emergency officials said no damage or injuries were reported. The last damaging earthquake in the region occurred in 1998 in northwestern Pennsylvania when a 4.5 trembler hit.

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