Small plane crashes in CO

Three people were killed when a twin-engine plane crashed into a Colorado neighborhood.

BY SUSAN KIM | FORT COLLINS, Colo. | July 25, 2004

Three people were killed when a twin-engine plane crashed into a Colorado neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

The victims were all passengers on the plane.

Many residents were evacuated when fuel spilled into the streets and the plane caught fire. Manhole covers began blowing off when fuel got into storm sewers and ignited.

Witnesses reported hearing the sounds of the plane's engine faltering, then saw it spiraling out of the sky. It crashed onto a street in southeast Fort Collins.

People within a quarter-mile of the crash site were evacuated, some 120 homes, for about five hours. Many stayed at a local high school.

The plane, a propeller-driven Beechcraft 58, left the Fort Collins-Loveland airport and was en route to Omaha, according to reports from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The affected neighborhood is a suburban area. Some 100 gallons of fuel were spilled into the street gutter. City emergency crews flushed the streets with water and foam for three hours.

A minivan was destroyed when it was ignited by the blazing fuel.

In a public statement, Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez called the day's events "mind-shocking."

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