Virus clogs e-mail

The second major computer virus in January was clogging e-mail systems.

BY SUSAN KIM | BALTIMORE | January 27, 2004

The second major computer virus this month was clogging e-mail systems Tuesday, this time a worm called Mydoom, Novarg or WORM_MIMAIL.R.

Corporate networks appeared hardest hit early on, according to reports from IT security experts. The mail engine of the virus can sent 100 infected e-mails in 30 seconds, causing it to spread rapidly. It runs on Microsoft Windows systems, though other computers might receive a flood of bogus e-mails.

The U.S. was hit first before the virus began to spread internationally.

One of its messages reads: "The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment." Subject lines include "Mail Delivery System" and "Mail Transaction Failed." Attachments have .exe, .scr, cmd or .pif extensions, and may be compressed as Zip files.

People used to e-mails about phony prescriptions and tiny digital cameras might inadvertently click on the attachment.

Earlier this month, a virus called Bagle infected computers.

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