TX town needs volunteers

BY JOSHUA SKILLINGTON | Tarrant County, TX | January 22, 2001

Tornado and flood recovery continues in Tarrant County, TX. Volunteers are still needed, said Gloria Reeves, spokesperson for the Emergency Assistance Tarrant County (EATC) Disaster Recovery Group.

"About 139 homes were affected and of those, 40 or so of them require major repairs," said Reeves. "We have completed four of those houses so far."

Reeves said there are not enough volunteers to do the work that is necessary.

"There were 129 homes that were flooded and 28 of those did not have flood insurance. We didn't even know about 20 or so houses in North Ft. Worth that had been damaged until recently."

Individuals or groups are needed to assist in home repair and with cleanup of 129 homes damaged by flooding June 3, 2000. This flood did not receive a federal declaration. EATC is currently the only organization assisting with funds and volunteers.

Volunteers must be of at least high school age.

Volunteers are not required to have any skills except the willingness to help out, although useful skills for volunteers to have include general carpentry skills, painting, laying sheet rock, fence building, and roof assembly.

Tools for volunteers will be provided by the organization. Local churches will provide housing for volunteer groups.

Volunteers will need to make provisions for food. But when EATC gets more volunteers, the organization will probably provide food as well, said Reeves.

You can reach Gloria Reeves at 1-817-338-45411. Best hours to reach her are from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Her fax number is 1-817-338-4541.

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