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Tropics remain active

Two tropical disturbances continue to churn in the Atlantic.

BY HEATHER MOYER | BALTIMORE | September 14, 2006

Two tropical disturbances continue to churn away in the Atlantic, with one turning away from land and the other still too far out to predict.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says Hurricane Gordon is not a threat to land as it continues moving 550 miles east of Bermuda. The Category 3 hurricane is expected to continue turning east and not pose a threat. Gordon's winds are at 120 miles per hour and NHC officials are calling it "a major hurricane."

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Helene popped up Wednesday in the far east Atlantic Ocean. The storm is moving along at 22 miles per hour and NHC forecast tracks for the storm show it still well away from land into the weekend. Helene has winds of 40 miles per hour and is currently 695 miles west of Africa's Cape Verde Islands.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Florence roughed up Bermuda with high winds and storm surge before moving further northeast and dissipating as it affected Newfoundland.

On Wednesday, scientists said the reemergence of the El Nino effect is what's helped the 2006 Atlantic Season remain calm thus far. Hurricane forecasters have lowered their predictions for this season several times since the start on June 1.

In the Pacific Ocean, Tropical Storm Lane formed off the coast of southern Mexico. With winds of 40 miles per hour, tropical storm warnings are posted along the coast. Lane's predicted track takes it toward the Baja Peninsula this weekend, and some strengthening is predicted. Heavy rain is predicted for the region.

Earlier this month, Hurricane John pounded the Baja Peninsula before dropping excessive rain in the southwest United States.

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