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TX tallies flood damage

This week's flooding in Houston would have been far worse had it not been for improvements after Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

BY HEATHER MOYER | HOUSTON, Texas | June 23, 2006

Emergency officials say this week's flooding in the Houston area would have been far worse if not for improvements made after Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

This week's flooding in southeast Texas affected more than 2,700 homes. One home was destroyed and ten others had major damage. The remaining amount suffered minor damages.

Some are saying this is the worst flood event to hit Houston since Tropical Storm Allison - yet the extent of damage is very different.

"Hundreds of millions of dollars was invested in widening canals and bayous (after Allison)," said Gloria Roemer, spokesperson for the Harris County Office of Emergency Management. "Had that not happened, you would've been looking at a different story."

Close to a foot of rain fell in the Houston area Sunday night and Monday, and then more rain fell on Thursday. The Harris County Office of Emergency is still conducting damage assessments in the area, but said several neighborhoods experienced water levels between four and 16 inches.

Most homes are cleaning up from the two to four inches of rain inside, according to the county situation report.

The majority of the damage was in the south and southeastern areas of Houston. Roemer added that several businesses suffered damages as well, as did some school buildings and one police station where 38 patrol cars flooded.

The weekend forecast calls for sunny weather with only a slight chance of rain. "We're keeping our fingers crossed," said Roemer.

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