New fires burnmore homes in OK, TX

New fires burned several homes near Oklahoma City on Sunday.

BY SUSAN KIM | OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. | January 1, 2006

New fires burned several homes near Oklahoma City on Sunday. About 200 homes were evacuated but by Sunday evening fire officials were reporting that particular fire was nearly contained.

No injuries were reported, according to fire information officers, but 50-mph winds were fanning blazes all over the state.

During a press conference, Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry said several homes had burned in a neighborhood 10 miles outside Oklahoma City.

Gov. Henry said he was urging President Bush to expedite an emergency declaration for the state of Oklahoma to help pay for extra firefighters.

Oklahoma emergency management officials indicated they were requesting more teams of firefighters from other states to help. High winds have made it difficult or impossible to get water-dropping helicopters up.

Firefighters remain concerned about fires spreading from the prairie into more populated areas.

Gov. Henry issued an appeal to people to use extreme caution in the state, saying that the situation remained extremely dangerous.

At least a dozen wildfires were burning across Oklahoma on Sunday, with at least 20 more in Texas. One 8,000-acre fire - near Carbon, Texas - destroyed at least three homes and threatened 200 more. Carbon is located west of Dallas, and is close to Cross Plains, where 90 homes and a church were destroyed by last week's grassfires.

Another wildfire near Hobbs, N.M., forced some neighborhood evacuations as well.

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