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Tammy causes minor flooding

Tropical Storm Tammy brought minor flooding to parts of the southeast Thursday.


Tropical Storm Tammy brought minor flooding to parts of the southeast Thursday.

Rainfall totals in ten Georgia communities were more than five inches, according to the National Weather Service's Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC). The coastal towns of Darien and Sterling received more than seven inches of rain in 24 hours. Both communities reported flooding in several neighborhoods.

In McIntosh County, Emergency Management Director Ray Parker said neighborhoods are a mess because of flooded roads and downed trees, but it could be worse. "We have no homes flooded, but roads and yards are definitely full of water," he said. "This did not discriminate, wherever you lived, you had some type of problem."

Parker said he hopes for a two or three-hour break in the rain to give streets and yards time to drain. "We're also trying to keep roads open as best we can, and we're telling traffic to slow down so they don't hydroplane."

The HPC reported several communities in South Carolina and Florida receiving close to five inches of rain from Tammy as well.

The storm prompted flash flood watches and warnings throughout the southeast Wednesday and Thursday. Now a tropical depression, the storm's remnants are bringing heavy rainfall to much of the East Coast.

Tammy is the 19th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

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