Major CA quake promptsbrief tsunami warning

No injuries or serious damage were reported immediatly following the 7.0 quake off the CA coast.


A tsunami warning, prompted by a major earthquake off the northern California coast, was cancelled Tuesday night about an hour after a 7:50 PM (PDT) quake hit.

The earthquake, measuring 7.0, occurred approximately 90 miles west southwest of Crescent City, Calif., about 300 miles northwest of Sacramento, and just south of the California-Oregon state line, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center.

No injuries or serious damage were reported immediately following the earthquake.

Some areas may experience small sea level changes, and since local conditions can cause a wide variation in tsunami wave action, “all clear” determinations must be made by local authorities, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The California Office of Emergency Services reported there have been no reports of damages or injuries, no significant wave activity, and no requests for federal assistance were anticipated by Wednesday morning. All west coast states were alerted via National Alert and Warning System conference calls. FEMA regional personnel monitored the situation in coordination with the California Office of Emergency Services.

The tsunami warning included a call for coastal evacuations from low-lying communities. It had been posted for entire Pacific coast from the California-Mexico border to Vancouver, Canada.

In 1964 Crescent City was the site of the only fatal tsunami in the history of the continental United States. That tsunami killed 11 people and washed away 29 city blocks.

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