Tornado devastation tallied

Emergency management officials from FL to PA assess tornado damages.


Tornadoes spawned by Hurricane Ivan, damaged hundreds of buildings and killed more than a dozen people in incidents reported from Florida to Pennsylvania Friday and Saturday.

According to the National Weather Service, more than 160 homes in the Baltimore-Washington area alone, were damaged by severe weather Friday.

A Friday night tornado in northeastern Maryland, killed two residents, while another in Pennsylvania was responsible for the death of a resident of a trailer home.

Also in Maryland, a tornado tore the roofs off two houses in Frederick County Friday, and at least two more confirmed twisters struck the area. Other tornadoes touched down in that state, causing scattered damage.

A tornado caused residential damage in Berkeley County, WV emergency management officials reported. A tornado in Greencastle, PA, and high winds in Fulton County, PA, also damaged homes.

In the Piedmont area of North Carolina, a tornado cut a path through western Guilford and Rockingham counties, destroying five homes and damaging 54 others, according to county emergency management officials. Flood damage around Raleigh, N.C., was also reported.

In Florida, Hurricane Ivan spawned nine tornadoes in Bay County last week, killing two people and destroying 15 homes.

The twisters also damaged another 56 homes. County officials estimate that the storms did at least $23 million in damage to homes and businesses, and cleanup costs will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars

Just west of Bay County, a tornado killed as many as five people when it ripped through a Calhoun County mobile home park in Blountstown.

In northeast Georgia, a tornado roared through the small towns of Franklin Springs and Sandy Coss, damaging dozens of homes. More tornadoes touched down in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Remmants of Ivan were also responsible for making 2004 a record year for tornadoes with the most confirmed reports in a single year.

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