East Coast soaked

The remnants of Hurricane Charley soaked the East Coast Saturday.


The remnants of Hurricane Charley soaked the East Coast Saturday.

After ripping through Florida and briefly moving off-shore, the weakened storm made landfall again just north of Charleston, South Carolina.

In South Carolina, Charley's heavy rains flooded homes and streets along the coast while its high winds downed trees and power lines. According to the state's emergency management division, about 100,000 people are without power.

The hurricane also spawned a tornado near McClellanville in Charleston County. Weather officials say 18 reported tornadoes touched down along the coast Saturday due to Charley.

Damage assessments are continuing, but all shelters are now closed in South Carolina, according to the state emergency management division.

North Carolina also breathed a bit of a sigh of relief as well, with weather officials saying the storm was nowhere near as bad as they worried it might be earlier in the week. Only several inches of rain fell in affected areas.

Coastal flooding was a problem in some areas and thousands are without power tonight.

Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware received heavy rain Saturday evening as a now Tropical Storm Charley follows its path up the coast.

Heavy rains are expected through New York, New Jersey, and across New England Sunday. Residents are still being warned of flooding as the storm hits a region that's already soaked from a wet summer.

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