Strong storms rip KY

A series of storms spawned tornadoes and high winds across east-central Kentucky.

BY HEATHER MOYER | EMINENCE, Ken. | May 28, 2004

A series of powerful storms spawned tornadoes and high winds across east-central Kentucky Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon.

In the Henry County town of Eminence, a tornado destroyed at least six homes, according to county emergency manager Bruce Owens. It also caused two minor injuries.

"We're assessing damages right now, but it is definitely a mess," he said. National Weather Service officials are in Eminence today as well to determine if the damage was indeed caused by a tornado.

Owens added that Eminence looks to be hardest hit at this point, with numerous damaged homes, destroyed barns, and knocked-down trees. Many residents are still without power at this time. Kentucky Lt. Governor Steve Pence also toured the town today to survey damages on behalf of the governor, who is out of the country.

Other Henry County communities affected include Smithfield, Point Pleasant and Pleasureville. Owens said the National Guard will be assisting with cleanup, and that the rest of the community is already helping each other cope.

"Everybody's pitching in," he said.

High winds also caused damages to homes around Lexington in Fayette County, and in Scott County.

A tornado also hit Pulaski County Wednesday night, destroying five mobile homes and causing several injuries.

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