Spring floods hit WI, ND

The town of Antigo in northeastern Wisconsin was assessing damages Tuesday.

BY HEATHER MOYER | ANTIGO, Wisc. | March 30, 2004

The town of Antigo in northeastern Wisconsin, along with parts of northeastern North Dakota, was assessing damages Tuesday as floodwaters receded.

Melting snow and heavy rainfall caused flooding Sunday in Antigo, Wisc., a small town in the northeastern part of the state. Residents in Grand Forks, N.D., were also hit by flooding.

Police evacuated residents and workers at more than a dozen homes and businesses in the area around Spring Brook. The Antigo Police Department said 50 people are at the shelter set up in the local high school. “Roadways are still flooded, but the water looks like it’s starting to recede a little,” said Anne Osborne, an Antigo Police Department dispatcher.

Schools closed Monday as well in the small town of 8,500 people.

Mary Wilhelm, secretary of the Antigo Community Church, said the town hasn’t seen this kind of flooding in over 40 years. “This flood is supposed to be bigger than that,˜ said Wilhelm. “The forecasters said the flooding should be done by Wednesday, and that’s when the hard work of a long-term clean-up will start.”

Wilhelm said a few parishioners’ homes were in the path of the floodwaters and her church is responding as needed. “I know many people are staying with families and friends, and then some are at the shelter,˜ she said.

The National Guard is also in town to help with sandbagging. Wilhelm added that the local city and utility workers must be exhausted. “Every time someone evacuates their home or business, those workers have to go in and turn off the gas and such,˜ she said. “I imagine they’re very tired by now.”

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