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Dust storms hit TX

Dust storms and gusting winds swirled through west Texas.

BY SUSAN KIM | LUBBOCK, Texas | February 20, 2004

Dust storms and gusting winds swirled through west Texas Thursday and Friday, making travel hazardous and sending debris flying into homes and barns.

"There are barns and homes with roof damage," reported one resident who lives in Slaton, Texas. "But it's just a way of life out here."

This is the third large dust storm in west Texas this year, and dust storms have been setting in earlier than usual.

Two people have been killed in auto accidents and dozens of others have been injured.

More than 25 vehicles crashed Thursday on Highway 84 between Southland and Post, about 20 miles southeast of Lubbock, according to reports from the Department of Public Safety.

Gusts of more than 60 mph were reported.

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