China evacuates 2.2 million

Some 2.2 million people have been evacuated in China this year due to flooding.

BY SUSAN KIM | BALTIMORE | July 12, 2003

Some 2.2 million people have been evacuated across China this year due to flooding, and more were fleeing their homes on Saturday as China's Huai River threatened to burst its banks.

Nearly 600 people have died in floods that have plagued central, eastern and southern China since mid-May. About a half million homes have been destroyed and another 1 million damaged, according to reports from China's Ministry of Civil Affairs.

About 100 million people live in areas around the Huai River, and the area is also an important grain production area.

Heavy rain was expected to continue at least through Monday.

The Amity Foundation, a member of Action by Churches Together (ACT), reported that some areas of China were seeing their worst flooding since 1991.

ACT is a global coalition of faith-based relief and disaster response agencies.

The Amity Foundation reported that fuel, food, medicine, water purifiers and quilts were among the most needed items. That organization was continuing to monitor the situation.

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