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Floods hit Mozambique

Some 100,000 families are homeless after flooding in northern Mozambique.

BY SUSAN KIM | BALTIMORE | February 6, 2003

Some 100,000 families are homeless after flooding in northern Mozambique.

Floodwaters destroyed homes and crops, and wrecked roads and bridges, according to government reports.

On Thursday some people were still struggling to reach higher ground.

The flooding is hitting just as more than 650,000 people in northern Mozambique are burdened by a widespread food shortage that is burdening southern Africa.

Mozambique is among the southern African countries that have seen a widespread response from the faith-based community.

Members of Action by Churches Together (ACT), a global coalition of disaster response groups, have been providing food assistance since last year.

Food shortages hit after a severe drought last year. Mozambique was hit by drought, too, after suffering from devastating floods in both 2002 and 2001.

ACT Mozambique members including the Christian Council of Mozambique, Lutheran World Federation, Presbyterian Church of Mozambique and Ecumenical Committee for Social Development have been responding for more than a year, and plan to continue to meet people's needs. The Methodist-founded Mozambique Initiative also has a long-term response underway.

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