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Typhoons hit Korea, Taiwan


Typhoon Rusa ravaged all of Korea Saturday, leaving thousands homeless and more than 200 dead.

Rusa washed away almost 300 bridges and seriously damaged railways and roads in almost 200 places, South Korean transportation ministry officials said.

Church World Service (CWS) is working with its local partner, Korean Christian Service (KCS), to assess damages.

“Churches in Korea have been doing their best for helping the victims of Typhoon Rusa,” said a Korean Christian Service spokesperson. “We’ve helped the victims who are all living at a hall of a middle school in Haman, in the S. Kyungsang province.”

KCS provided survivors with shoes, clothes and blankets. They’ve also sent out 3,000 letters appealing to domestic churches for money to support flood survivors.

Thursday, the Korean Information Service estimated Rusa had caused about $2.4 billion in property damage.

In famine-plagued North Korea, damage was less, but CWS reported that the impact on damaged rice fields has not yet been estimated.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies responded to the disaster by providing blankets, kitchen kits, water-purification tablets and water containers to affected people.

While Korea recovered from Rusa, Typhoon Sinlaku pummeled Japan and headed toward Taiwan Thursday.

According to Taiwan's Center Weather Bureau, Sinlaku's strong winds are liable to cause severe damage.

Already, Sinlaku has dumped torrential rain on Taiwan, forcing residents to sandbag their homes and fishing boats before seeking shelter inland.

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