Storms sweep Midwest

BY SUSAN KIM | BALTIMORE | August 24, 2002

A line of severe thunderstorms swept Missouri and Iowa Friday, killing four people and injuring two others.

"These storms also downed power lines and trees across a widespread area, although much of the power outages are being take care of today," said a spokesperson Saturday at the Greene County, Mo., sheriff's office.

The deaths and injuries occurred at a funeral Friday at a rural cemetery in Willard, Mo. Some 40 people were attending the service.

Schools were canceled in parts of both Missouri and Iowa Friday - just one day after the first day of schools for most students. Winds of 85 mph were clocked in both states and up to four inches of rain fell.

Illinois also saw its share of nasty weather on Thursday, when heavy rainfall flooded Chicago streets and also caused basement flooding in suburban and rural areas. The Chicago subway had to temporarily close to pump water out of the tunnel.

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