25 million displaced in Asia


Tropical storm Vongfong, named for an insect with a painful sting, was threatening Monday to dump more water on parts of Asia. Parts of the continent are already struggling with the effects of heavy downpours from earlier in the year. So far, floods have displaced about 25 million people in south Asia.

About 26 people have died as a result of several days of heavy rain in Vietnam. In Hanoi, the Hong River flooded more than 15,000 homes, and about 7,000 homes were inundated in Tuyen Quang.

Vongfong, the 14th storm China has dealt with, was expected to reach China Monday and drown lands that have been ravaged by floods in recent weeks. About 250 have died in recent floods, and about 1,000 have lost their lives this year.

"Amity Foundation in China is supporting victims of the recent floods in China which reportedly killed several hundred people are affected millions," said Callie Long, spokesperson for Action by Churches Together International.

According to Amity, violent rainstorms hit central and western China June 6-10, and June 13-25. The storms caused devastating floods, landslides and mudslides. Towns, villages, crops, roads, houses, schools and cities were destroyed. The storms continued throughout June and into July. This recent storm only exacerbates the destruction much of China is already suffering.

But things might get worse in China. Lake Dongting, in the Hunan province, is quickly rising. The waters of the Yangtze River flow directly into Dongting. If it overflows, as many as 10 million people could suffer. Farmland, homes and village surround the lake.

In Nepal, deaths were few, but damage was vast. Heavy rains caused many houses to collapse, crushing several people. The Nepal Red Cross responded by distributing kitchen sets to people in Jhapa.

The Moei River in northern Thailand forced about 150,000 to evacuate and damaged crops, homes, schools and roads.

Bangledesh saw 7 million stranded or evacuated from their homes.

Nearly 157 people have died.

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