New flooding hits Afghanistan

BY SUSAN KIM | BALTIMORE | April 25, 2002

Western Afghanistan has been hit with flash floods and relief agencies are redoubling efforts to meet humanitarian needs in areas also affected by war, drought, and earthquakes.

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed by flash flooding, according to Thursday’s United Nations reports. At least two people have died and several were missing after heavy rains caused walls of water to cascade straight through villages.

According to the UN, Kala-i-Nau and Ab Kamari, villages in Badgis state some 340 miles west of Kabul, were hardest hit. Some 500 houses were destroyed. Some 180 shops in downtown Kala-i-Nau were destroyed and watermarks showed water 23 feet deep hit the town.

The World Food Program was working with relief groups Wednesday to send teams and relief supplies into villages near the affected areas. The UN reported that 80 percent of irrigated land was under mud and water, a great loss to farmers who were expecting the harvest in a couple of months. Major losses of livestock were reported in both villages.

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