Train crash crews get help

BY SUSAN KIM | CRESCENT CITY, Fla. | April 20, 2002

Salvage workers cleaning up at the site of a fatal train derailment in northern Florida over the weekend continued to get hot meals from The Salvation Army.

Salvation Army units served the food and drinks throughout the night after the crash and will remain in place as workers continue to clear the fallen rail cars. Three Florida units -- from Jacksonville, Melbourne, and Daytona Beach -– have already delivered hundreds of meals.

Additional Salvation Army crews have arrived from Orlando and Sanford, Fla.

The National Transportation and Safety Board is still investigating the derailment, which killed four and injured more than 150. An engineer said he threw the emergency brake just before the crash because the track appear to be misaligned. More than half of the train’s 40 cars slid off the track.

The tracks passed an inspection -– conducted by CSX, the freight railroad that owns the track -- eight hours before the crash.

Amtrak reported that sabotage was not suspected.

The Auto Train carries both passengers and cars, and that route often was taken by tourists between the Washington, DC area and Florida’s theme parks.

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