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Illness hits NJ convention

BY SUSAN KIM | CHERRY HILL, NJ | February 11, 2002

Monday were still determining the cause of a mystery

illness that sickened people attending a national sales

convention at the Cherry Hill Hilton hotel over the


Doctors had ruled out anthrax, meningococcus, and

Legionnaires' disease.

One woman died early Sunday after checking into the

hospital complaining of flu-like symptoms and trouble


Seven of her fellow convention-goers, all employees of

Cendant Mortgage, have been hospitalized. All of

developed flu-like symptoms, and two have pneumonia.

More than 80 people went to the emergency room for

evaluation Sunday.

Antibiotics were given to people who may have had

contact with the ill woman.

The hotel was quarantined for several hours Sunday then

was reopened.

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