March 2010 East Coast Flooding Rapid Response Appeal
March 17, 2010 - Appeal Amount: $5,000.00

Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed this week in states from West Virginia to Massachusetts after a late winter storm dropped as much as eight-inches of rain on already saturated soil in some parts of the region. The heavy rain, combined with melting snow, forced rivers over their banks in many communities. And as the storm first raced up the Atlantic seaboard, winds clocked at more than 60 mph knocked out power to nearly a million residents and blew trees onto homes and other property.

According to early reports, more than 1,000 homes in New Jersey and Massachusetts alone are so badly damaged that residents will be forced to live elsewhere until their homes are repaired or rebuilt. Disaster responders say it will take months, if not years, to repair all of the damage.

Disaster News Network (DNN) provides onsite and telephone coverage that connects otherwise unnoticed survivors with the groups that help them. DNN coverage provides an important conduit for people who want to donate money and volunteer labor.


Disaster News Network (DNN) is issuing this Rapid Response Appeal for coverage of the floods. DNN will focus its coverage to put a human face on the efforts of the faith-based and voluntary community as it responds to this disaster. In its coverage, DNN will concentrate not only on physical recovery but also on emotional hardship. DNN reporters will also focus on the needs of elderly people, children, disabled persons and other populations for which recovery may pose a special challenge.

DNN's reporter, Sandie Garcia, will fly to Massachusetts Thursday, March 18, to take photos of some of the worst of that state's flooding and report early response efforts. As other funds are available, DNN is prepared to provide additional on-the-scene coverage of the flood recovery in New Jersey and other areas as local interfaith groups are organized and long-term response continues.

Photos of flood damage will be available to DNN sponsors in the DNN online photo gallery; high-resolution photos for print purposes will be available upon request and specific video footage can be provided on an assignment basis. Sandie is experienced in shooting and editing her own television news features.


Financial assistance is needed to support travel and staff expenses for Disaster News Network's quick response and long-term coverage of the March 2010 East Coast Flooding.

Contributions may be sent to: Disaster News Network, 8815 Centre Park Dr., Suite 240, Columbia, MD 21045-2013. The Village Life Company, a 501(c)3 charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, produces DNN. All donations are tax deductible.

For updates on disaster news and volunteer opportunities, visit the DNN Web site at http://www.disasternews.net. For other information, call Jim Skillington at (443) 393-2390.

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