Hurricane Katrina Long-Term Coverage Appeal
January 2, 2010 Appeal Amount: $5,000.00

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita plowed into the Gulf Coast in 2005 leaving behind one of the biggest disaster response challenges the faith community has ever faced in the U.S. Now, five years and thousands of volunteers later, in any one week, hundreds of volunteers are working to rebuild lives in small and large communities from Mississippi to Texas.

Funds raised for this disaster in 2005 and 2006 when the visions of the Katrina disaster were still fresh in the minds of donors are running out and the need to help keep the story alive is critical to make certain volunteers continue to include this work in their plans.

To help keep the need for volunteers and financial donations in front of potential donors, Disaster News Network (DNN) is continuing its Katrina Appeal for another year. As new partnerships are developed, their goals and successes need to be shared.   

As it does in the first weeks and months of a disaster, DNN will continue to provide onsite and telephone coverage that connects otherwise unnoticed storm survivors with the groups that help them. Unmet needs in gulf Coast are continuing to be identified, and DNN coverage provides a conduit for people who want to donate money and volunteer labor.


In addition to continuing an emphasis on telephone interview-based articles focusing on long-term response to Hurricane Katrina, DNN will send reporters/photographers to the region at least twice in 2010 -- more often if additional financial support is available -- to provide on-the-ground coverage of disaster response efforts.

DNN will also continue to post opportunities available for volunteers needed to  help in this unique response effort.

Photographs of the disaster response efforts in affected states will be posted in DNN's photo gallery. In addition, at least two new audio interview/Podcasts will focus on response efforts to this disaster.


Financial assistance is needed to support staff expenses and travel for Disaster News Network's long-term coverage of disaster response efforts as result of the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina.

Contributions may be sent to: Village Life Company: Disaster News Network, 8815 Centre Park Dr., Suite 240, Columbia, MD 21045. Online donations may be made by calling DNN at (443) 393.3330. 

For updates on disaster news and volunteer opportunities, visit the DNN Web site at www.disasternews.net. For other information, call Jim Skillington at (443) 393.3330 x101.

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