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Shooting survivors find comfort at church

BY SUSAN KIM | Wakefield, MA | December 26, 2000

Trauma counselors at St. Joseph's Catholic Church acted quickly to offer support to survivors of an office shooting immediately after the incident.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church is located across the street from Edgewater Technology, where a gunman killed seven of his coworkers on Tuesday.

In addition to trauma counseling, survivors who went to the church also gave statements to police and were reunited with their families.

"Professional and pastoral trauma counselors were there to support people. That was reassuring," said the Rev. Peter Brown, pastor at First Baptist Church in Wakefield. "It was so sudden."

The gunman, Michael McDermott, was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. He had been employee of Edgewater since March.

He was to be arraigned on seven charges of murder, according to the Middlesex County prosecutor's office.

The Edgewater officers are located in the Harvard Mills office complex, a three-story former factory that houses several companies.

Wakefield is 10 miles north of Boston.

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