Tornadoes hit Nebraska towns

National Guard deployed to help provide security, more than 60 homes damaged in latest round of tornadoes

KEARNEY, NE | May 29, 2008

Tornadoes once again raked Nebraska Thursday night, damaging homes and other buildings in several Buffalo County communities in south central Nebraska.

According to Darren Lewis of Buffalo County's emergency management agency, several tornadoes hit Kearney late Thursday causing significant damage to at least 60 houses and apartment buildings. The storm also damaged campus housing at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and buildings in the business district.

Lewis said one of the tornadoes hit a trailer park and more than 80 rail cars were derailed along U.S. 30 just outside the city. An office building on the campus of Good Samaritan Hospital lost part of its roof.

But as of Thursday night, no serious injuries had been reported.

Members of the Nebraska National Guard will be in Kearney Friday morning to assist in the clean-up efforts.

Kearney is the county seat of Buffalo County and has a population of more than 30,000. Located along U.S. 30, it is exactly in the middle of the U.S., located 1733 miles from either Boston or San Francisco.

In nearby Aurora, businesses in the southern part of the community were badly damaged.

The state's emergency operations center was activated Thursday night.

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